Important Dates | Competition Format | Submission Guidelines

Dates to Remember

  • December 6, 2019: Submission deadline.
  • December 20, 2019: Competitors announced.
  • February 7, 2020: LAAF 2020 Competition.

Competition Format

All groups will have 13 minutes to perform a single set.

Theme: Unity in Diversity

If the USA is a melting pot, then Los Angeles is at the heart. From the thousands of tourists per year to the 4 million people that call it home, there are so many reasons to explore the culture. One thing LA is certainly known for is its diverse music scene; it unifies so many groups of people in stories of love, loss, background, and culture as a whole. In a cappella we’re made up of so many unique individuals with their own stories to tell, and yet at the same time, our goal is to provide a unified and tight front. Take this time to show us what stories make up your sound, give us a glimpse into the heart of your group, and express the unique tales that have come together to create the beautiful group that you are.


Within your set, our judges would like to see an identifiable portion, whether that be an entire song, a defined moment, or part of a larger composition, that has your group staged without movement. To showcase the beauty and raw vocal ability of your group, we would like you to dig deep, command the room, and really impress the judges in order to seal your victory.

Submission Instructions

Groups are eligible to apply for the 2020 LAAF Scholastic Competition if they are made up entirely of full-time students OR are a recognized student group affiliated with a high school, college or university and adhere to college/university student group bylaws. Groups that are formed with the intention to earn a profit, provide mentorship and coaching, or otherwise seek to book headlining performances are not qualified to apply for the scholastic competition, but are encouraged to engage the LAAF production team for other opportunities. All questions regarding this rule should be directed to a LAAF 2020 producer.

Here’s what we are looking for from you:


It can be in rehearsal, in concert, on the street corner or in your garage — we just need to see enough a cappella to know your particular musical version of awesome. However, you’re more than welcome to use some of your time to tell us why you should be selected for the LAAF competition! This video should be a genuine representation of your group, so show us what makes you different! If you only need one song to do so — so be it. However, as this is an all-voices competition, your music submissions must be a cappella, and the video has to be of members from this school year (the 2019-2020 school year). Furthermore, all submissions must have unedited/raw audio so as to reflect the clearest version of the sound that you will bring to the competition should you be selected; remember, there’s no Melodyne in a live performance! All arrangements and material will be considered. Video submissions over 10 minutes and with any form of post-production could be docked/disqualified by the Selection Committee. Remember that they are your ticket into the competition so consider the viewer experience when submitting! It’s time to put your best foot forward.

The Selection Committee is a random selection of experienced A cappella judges (some from ICCA), professionals, and enthusiasts from around the country. Neither the Competition Judges nor the LAAF Producers are part of the Selection Committee to ensure as fair a competition process as possible.


Make sure that you title the video ‘LAAF 2020 Scholastic Competition – (Insert your group name here)’, and make sure to use the video info section of the uploader to indicate your school and title/arranger for each song on the recording. Please also include a roster of those appearing in the video. You do not have to record the songs that you’ll be competing with, but it will not hurt your chances. Again the Selection Committee is different than the Competition Judges and the latter won’t see your work until you step onto the LAAF stage. It is wise to set your video as private/unlisted, but not required.


Submit your video. Make sure to include all requested information and paste in a link to your YouTube video. Your group’s info and video link will be sent to a diverse committee that will choose the six groups.


You will be notified when you are able to purchase your group’s LAAF Weekend Passes. Please note: YOUR GROUP MUST PURCHASE WEEKEND PASSES FOR ALL ATTENDING MEMBERS TO BE CONSIDERED TO COMPETE. SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS. All tickets are non-refundable, so make sure you have your ducks in a row before you buy.