Engineer’s Corner: An Interview with Emerald City Productions

Those of you who were at SMACC or SoJam 2011 know how epic the collaborative recording experience is. Read about how our recording sponsors put their own personal spin on the recording process and what their plans are for LAAF 2012.

Danny Ozment

Owner, Emerald City Productions

How did you get involved with LAAF?

I attended LAAF for the first time last year after attending SoJam for the first time. I was just jumping back into a cappella after a significant time away and I wanted to immerse myself. LAAF offered me the opportunity to meet many new people and also strengthen existing friendships.

What is on Emerald’s LAAF agenda?

I’ll be teaching a limited enrollment session called “DIY Recording” and working with Plaid on the collaborative recording project. I also look forward to enjoying the time I’ll get to spend with so many wonderful people that I tend to only see at festivals.

How do you help singers bring their live passion into the studio?

I tend to have a conversation with singers about what a song means to them and to help them find out why/how they identify with a song. This information, even if they are just singing “bmm, bmm, bmm” opens a whole new world of possibilities for their performance and gives their sound that extra bit of energy or sincerity that is needed to bring it alive for a recording.

What piece of gear could you absolutely not live without?

That’s a tough question. I think I could probably swap out any piece of gear in the basic recording chain for anything else and still find a way to make something work. I’m still learning and trying new things everyday so I don’t really try to get fixated on one go to piece of equipment at the moment. The one thing that would be hard to replace or swap out would be Melodyne. For the massive amount of editing I have to do on songs that often have over 60 tracks of audio, I really couldn’t do without Melodyne.

What’s next for Emerald City Productions after LAAF?

A busy spring recording, editing, and mixing over 10 albums with high school and college groups in addition to the many other CASA activities this spring and summer. In May I’ll be welcoming my second child (a son).

Emerald City Productions is a full service recording studio and vocal arranging service located in Springfield, VA just outside Washington, DC. Owner, Danny Ozment, specializes in contemporary a cappella recording, production, and coaching.

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