Jake Moulton at LA/AF 2011!

And finally, rounding out our set of performers for the Evening Concert at LA/AF 2011 is Jake Moulton of the House Jacks! 

Mimicking the sounds of a drum kit, as well as utilizing the more organic sounds inherent in beatboxing, Jake has created a style all his own; a driving, technical style that makes his work with vocal groups, bands, and as a soloist powerful and successful.  His strong musical ear allows for strength in both beatboxing and in his re-creation of many instrumental sounds, including the guitar, trumpet, flute, harmonica and turntables.

Currently, Jake is the beatboxer for the original rock band without instruments, The House Jacks.  When he’s not performing, however, Jake focuses much of his energy toward songwriting, music production, commercial sound effects, and both group and individual instruction at music festivals around the world.

He’s going to be at the 2011 Los Angeles A Cappella Festival. Where will YOU be?

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