#LAAF2014 Q&A with Chris Rupp of Home Free

Chris Rupp of Home Free

We asked a few questions of each of our headliners to get to know them better. Here, Chris Rupp, music director and co-founder of Home Free answers!

How did your group get started?

Inspired by groups like Rockapella and GLAD, I founded the group with my brother Adam out of my college dorm room 13 years ago. The members have changed a lot over the years, but we are still here.

Who are your musical/A cappella influences?

One of my favorite answers to this question is Alan Menken – just love what he’s done with Disney and Broadway. From an aca standpoint, so many groups have impressed or helped inspire us in different ways! Rockapella of course, GLAD, The Blenders, Blue Jupiter (of which Tim was a founding member!), Mosaic, PTX, M-Pact, the list goes on and on…

What changes has winning The Sing Off brought to your group so far?

There are a LOT more people involved in every aspect of our business now than there ever were before, from social media, to management, to working with the label, to legal. There’s quite the machinery in place, which has its pros and cons!

Any insights for groups looking to win?

What do you offer that’s unique? If you’re just doing what PTX is doing, you’re not going to be special. By pursuing the country angle, that approach gave Home Free something new and interesting to offer, and we were able to define ourselves and the genre.

What are you looking forward to at LAAF 2014?

This is actually our first headlining experience at a major a cappella festival, so this will be fun to show what we do to the hardcore faithful out there. I hope everyone’s excited for a fantabulously entertaining show!

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  1. acapellaluv Reply

    Chris is awesome!..Great arranger, composer, singer & music director for Home Free…They.’ve had viral vids, sold out concert incl. an arena!), top charted both label cds, Austin (&Tom Anderson) just got nominated for ’19 You + Me’., for non- scholastic professional arrangement for his group Home Free (feat. Peter Hollens)…Congrats!…Every one of their vids/arrangements are AWESOME!!… 🙂

    • acapellaluv Reply


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