#laaf2014 Q&A with Courtney Gasque of the Honey Whiskey Trio

Courtney Gasque of the Honey Whiskey Trio

We asked a few questions of each of our headliners to get to know them better. Here, Courtney Gasque, co-founder of the Honey Whiskey Trio answers!

How did your group get started?

I was talking lessons with Moira Smiley and starting to arrange some music which inspired me to try putting my own group together. I contacted Christina who I knew through the vocal jazz department at CSULB and we got together to try reading some of the charts. Quickly deciding we needed a third voice, Christina suggested we contact Ann and the first time we all sang together it just worked 🙂

Who are your musical/A cappella influences?

Moira Smiley (&VOCO), Wailin’ Jennys, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Anonymous 4, Ella Jenkins, Joy Kills Sorrow, Bob Dylan, Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers, The Tallis Scholars, Rising Appalachia, Punch Brothers, Inga Swearingen, Crosby Stills & Nash, Woody Guthrie, John Hartford.

What changes has winning Harmony Sweeps brought to your group so far?

We have had some amazing opportunities because of Harmony Sweeps including performing at the first WACA festival, being nominated for a CASA award, and headlining the LA A Cappella Fest! Honestly, we had only been singing together for 3 months when we competed so our success at Harmony Sweeps is responsible for everything we have done since!

Any insights for groups looking to win?

Attention to detail, do the unexpected, utilize your own talents- not just what’s popular, record yourselves constantly, LISTEN, and let the music speak for itself.

What are you looking forward to at LAAF 2014?

Getting the chance to perform for an audience of musicians and music appreciators- every time we walk on stage we feel thankful that we get the opportunity. Also- creating connections with other a cappella groups- hopefully for future collaborations!

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