Meet the Producers: Cy Serrano

Wanna get the inside scoop on LAAF 2012? Now you can: each week, we’ll feature a different member of the LAAF production team. Producers will share their a cappella backgrounds, favorite LAAF memories, and of course what they’re most looking forward to at this year’s festival. Check back every Wednesday for a new profile!

Cy Serrano

Creative Director

1. Tell us about your background in a cappella.

My first interaction with a cappella was seeing Duwende perform at a summer camp I attended as a high school sophomore. Fast forward a couple years later, as a student at the University of Southern California, I joined up with the only all-male group on campus, The Trojan Men. From then on it was a long trip down the Aca Rabit Hole. I now serve as the membership program manager for the Contemporary A Cappella Society.

2. How did you first get involved with LAAF?

I first met John He, the executive producer of LAAF, at Bill Hare and Deke Sharon’s recording boot camp, Soup2Nuts in the summer of 2009. The following January, I attended LAAF as a participant where I got to reconnect with John. A couple months later, knowing about my background in graphic design and that I had a penchant for social media, John recruited me to join the team as the Creative Director for the festival.

3. What is your favorite LAAF memory?

SONOS at LAAF 2009 debuting their cover of Oasis’ Wonderwall. After the song ended, I had to scoop up my melted heart off the floor. I want to marry Jessica Friedman’s voice. Or at least use it to bake cookies. They’d probably be the best cookies evar.

4. What are you most looking forward to at LAAF 2012?

Definitely seeing hundreds of people come together over music. Festivals are special for that very purpose. Complete strangers who you normally wouldn’t see hanging out together will be joining together to create vocal drum circles, execute flawless (almost) barbershop tags and have their respective faces melted off by the Headliners. I’m also excited to see Duwende again. It’ll be a sweet reunion nine years in the making.

A proud alumnus of the University of Southern California, Cy directed the campus’s only all-male a cappella group The Trojan Men. His current aca-roles include Creative Director for LA/AF, Graphic Artist for ACR and now Membership Program Manager for CASA. Outside of a cappella, Cy is working on his business, Creatius, a creative design agency.

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