Meet the Producers: Tom Keyes, Assistant Producer

Wanna get the inside scoop on LAAF 2012? Now you can: each week, we’ll feature a different member of the LAAF production team. Producers will share their a cappella backgrounds, favorite LAAF memories, and of course what they’re most looking forward to at this year’s festival. Check back every Wednesday for a new profile!

Tom Keyes

Assistant Producer, LAAF

1. Tell us about your background in a cappella.

Spent a short time with a group called 7/D/W back in 2005 that was my introduction to the genre, though I had seen Deke’s “Groove 66” perform at Disneyland without fully understanding what I was seeing at the time. In 2009 I founded Frequency and dove head first into the AcaPool.

2. How did you first get involved with LAAF?

LAAF 2009 was my first stop after making the decision to get back into A cappella. The tools I learned and the encouragement I received eventually led me to founding Frequency later that year. I knew I wanted other people to have the same opportunity and experiences that I did so I spoke to several people about volunteering to help the Festival during LAAF 2010. By LAAF 2011, I was the Administrative Director.

3. What is your favorite LAAF memory?

That’s a tough choice. All-time I would have to say meeting Deke Sharon in person in ’09 and having him treat me like we were old friends even though we’d only spoken via email once. It set the tone for what was to be every A cappella Community meet-up experience I have had since.

4. What are you most looking forward to at LAAF 2012?

Has to be the pro-showcase. Hookslide, Pentatonix, and Duwende all in one place?! Ri-dic-u-lous.

Tom’s Contemporary A cappella journey began in 2005 when he joined a local semi-pro group who had posted an ad on Myspace looking for a bass. After a few non-Aca years, in 2009 he dove in head-first and decided to join the Contemporary A cappella League as a new League Director. His group, Frequency, was formed in August of 2009 and remains an active and proud CAL group. He also recently served as Administrative Director for LA-AF 2011 just two years after attending his first one. Tom is now the CAL Program Manager for CASA.

When not geeking out at AcaEvents, Tom is an I.T. manager of 19+ years, a sound engineer, volunteer webmaster and music coordinator for a local church, a husband to his soul-mate Angie for 12+ years, and father to 3 children; Michelle, Autumn, and Gavin.

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