Heading West: My First LAAF

by Nicole Milano

Ah, California. The sun is always shining, the days are long and lazy, and everyone is super tan. You can see the Hollywood sign from any point in the state, and you will probably run into at least 10 different celebrities on any given day. That’s how it is in Cali, right?

Truthfully, that’s just the image I have in my head (thanks to Katy Perry). I’ve never been west of the Mississippi. This year’s LAAF will mark my first venture to the West Coast.

I have to say, I’m a little nervous. Can I hang with these denizens of a cappella coolness? Newly post-grad and still unaccustomed to the awesomeness of CASA festivals, I’m unsure. But that won’t stop me from coming; nothing can.

Why? Well, for starters, I’m pretty sure that seeing Duwende perform automatically ups your cool factor. But more than that, I’m genuinely excited to explore another integral part of this art form that I’ve come to love so much. Each region brings something unique to the world of vocal music, and I can’t wait to put voices to West Coast names.

And to propose to each and every member of Pentatonix. Wait, what? I mean…

In all seriousness, though, these experiences can’t be beat. I’ve felt the adrenaline rush from SoJam, had my heart pitter-patter all the way through VoCALnation, and even helped to found the festival that inspired BOSS. Now, I need to see what LAAF has to offer. I don’t want to… I need to. After all…

Why wouldn’t I be excited to leave snowy upstate New York in the middle of winter?

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