Stepping It Up: Why LAAF 2012 is Bigger & Better

by Dave Sperandio

My fondest memory of LAAF comes from my first time attending the event, and surfaces when summoned by any number of songs playing in my head – or on the TV: “I Want You Back”. “Joga”. “White Winter Hymnal”. “Wicked Game”.

If you were at LAAF 2010, you know what I’m talking about.

When SONOS took the stage at the Professional concert that night and their first song began, my friend Alli Brooks was at my side in the audience. We looked at each other after a few notes, dumbstruck, grinning from ear to ear. When I finally found my voice, I said: “I want them.”

I meant I wanted them at SoJam … of course. We brought SONOS to SoJam that same year, and to SMACC soon after that. And I believe we changed a lot of lives, thus. We’d had a number of amazing performers at SoJam over the years, but this was clearly something you just didn’t find on the East Coast. And we wants it. We neeeeeds it.

We saw an opportunity to help the a cappella groups in the eastern part of the country grow by exposing them to something completely unprecedented. Two years later, SONOS has inspired thousands, and have grown into one of the very best our art form has to offer the world. Those new fans they made on the East Coast? They’re now creating groups like Musae and The Executive Board.

We see a similar opportunity with LAAF, this time from bringing one of the most popular and successful parts of SoJam to the west coast – with a twist. In addition to the Professional Concert and the Workshops/Master Classes at this year’s LAAF, we’ve added a Scholastic Competition on Friday night.

But make no mistake, this isn’t your everyday competition. We have über-qualified celebrity judges, a state of the art sound system (including wireless mics for every singer, with all the bells and whistles / special effects), incredible prizes, and an absolutely rabid audience. Not to mention the fame that comes with winning the competition.

And similarly, LAAF 2012 won’t be your everyday a cappella festival. Professional, world-famous clinicians. A killer, no-holds-barred competition. A professional concert with groups you know from TV, YouTube, and your iPods. And partying each night with all of the “acarati”. Yep, we’re pulling out all of the stops. Because we believe in you. And we want YOU to be the next SONOS. The next Musae. The next … you.

We hope that if you want to be the best, you’ll make the investment to come and be with the best. We’ve given you the tools. Come join the party.


PS – I mentioned Alli Brooks earlier – some of you may know her best as the voice of “Mouth Off!” (and all of you should know her as Alouwishus!) And speaking of Mouth Off!, I wonder if anyone reading this has heard of a man named Christopher Diaz? I pestered both Alli and Christopher to no end, trying to get them to attend SoJam 2007. Eventually, they made the plunge. and I hope they’d agree that it was a … good decision! I’m not kidding when I say that LAAF could change your life – do it!

One thought on “Stepping It Up: Why LAAF 2012 is Bigger & Better

  1. Brian Patrick Byrne Reply

    LAAF 2010 was my first big a cappella festival (since work sadly keeps me far away from SoJam every year), and it BLEW MY MIND! I already have my pass for LAAF 2012!!!

    And Dio…I was pleading with Christopher at “The Sing-Off” last night to book a flight back out here to attend LAAF. He MUST join us!!!

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