America’s Got Talent producers at #LAAF2013

America’s Got Talent would like to see what all the A cappella fuss (Acafuss?) is about, so they are sending two casting producers to scout for interested groups or group representatives who are attending LAAF. We were told that these submissions will go ON TOP of the submissions they receive from other channels as a favor to CASA/LAAF! This ensures that no one slips through the cracks and that each group at the Festival can be given a fair shot at being seen.

Groups that are interested in auditioning for the show should put a little packet together:

  •   video footage of the group (a YouTube link will do)
  •   headshots/pictures of the members, and a brief description of the group (names, ages, hometowns, interesting facts, how       the group got together, etc)

And because this is such late notice they’ll have a FlipCam handy at the festival in case a group isn’t able to make a video!

But you have to be at the Festival to take advantage…so buy your (ever dwindling) tickets today!

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